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Family Therapy

Looking for help for your family?

Families are dynamic systems that can support mutually fulfilling relationships between generations. But families can also be disrupted or disturbed by new relationships, life-stage transitions, separation or personal differences.

There isn’t one way to organise a family, and family therapy is not about enforcing norms. It’s about helping families communicate and grow together.

Often particular relationships become the focus of therapy. Such as between parents and children, or between co-parents, or between blended family relationships. It depends on your situation.

My Approach

My approach to family therapy is called systemic family therapy. This approach helps families avoid blaming, take responsibility for issues together, and have difficult conversations safely.

I have worked with many different family structures and challenges, including 3+ years as a child-inclusive practice consultant in family dispute resolution.

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Daniel Silver, GDip(Couns), ADip(TAT), is a certified practicing member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA #28526)
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