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Psychotherapy for Individuals

Many challenging aspects of life are rooted in fundamental conditions of existence. Such as the responsibility of choice, the fact of aloneness, the inevitability of loss, the influence of the past, and the need for meaning where meaning is scarce.

By exploring thoughts, memories and emotions as they emerge, and in the context of these deeper conditions, through psychotherapy it becomes possible to develop a personal perspective which can deal with the challenges they represent.
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Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling helps couples learn to become more attuned to each other’s needs, and have difficult conversations with self awareness.

These skills can feel very new, especially if early experiences of relationship were limited in some way, which makes for a potentially enriching and fulfilling opportunity to grow and mature in parallel.
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Family Therapy

There isn’t one way to organise a family, and family therapy is not about enforcing norms. It’s about helping families communicate and grow together.

Often particular relationships become the focus of therapy. Such as between parents and children, or between co-parents, or between blended family relationships. It depends on your situation.
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